Codyssey’s blog welcomes you! Codyssey.com

We are a group of enthusiasts and professionals which has launched a new start-up.  Yes, we know that these days of world economical crisis and stagnation do not leave us much options to raise funds and get investments. But we ARE professionals and we ARE enthusiasts.

Our expertise is wide. We know all about biometrics. We know a lot about security, encryption, authentication and more. We spend hours, weeks, months to improve the usability of our products. Our previous solutions are known for their user-friendliness and convenience. Our team has developed great user interfaces to make operation realy intuitive.

We know that we have some great software and hardware solutions. We do beleive that our products will found their customers. We are sure that most of you will love our products, solutions and tools.

We also count on you. You, our readers can help us to select the right direction. You may influence, you can  advise the way and we’ll hear you. That’s what this blog is for!

  • Are you looking for some software that can help you?
  • Do you need some solution that will make your life easier?
  • Is the software or hardware on-the-shelf too expensive?
  • Are you satisfied with tools that you buy?

Leave your comments here and we will know what shall be done first. We’ll do our best to develop products that you are looking for.


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