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Hurray! The first bug found

February 27, 2009
Dear Freeraser users,

We have to admit that we are not perfect, we are trying, though 🙂

We were reported the bug in the version It is not critical issue, however it is a bug and we want you to know about it.
The bug appears only on Windows XP machines, so if you have Vista you will not feel it.
For those who are using Freeraser with Windows XP we would like to ask not to switch Icon size to “Extra Large”.

That is our BUG. Thanks to all who reported it

That is our BUG. Thanks to all who reported it

When switching to Extra Large size, the icon disappears from the desktop and any efforts to bring it back are useless.
You may only uninstall Freeraser and install it again.
We are sorry for inconvenience. Our team will fix this bug and the next version will not have this problem.


We would like to thank those who reported the bug and those who are sending us their thoughts and suggestions.


Oops, we did it!

February 21, 2009

Dear all,

It is really amazing that our first freeware has gained that much attention. Thank you! Thanks to those who posted their reviews and thanks to those who ranked Freeraser, thanks to those who reported bugs and special thanks to those who wanted to contribute.
We have received lots of e-mails. Some of you offer translation of the software to local languages. When we started this project we were not planning to apply too much effort and to make it really big and commercial. But thanks to your e-mails we have changed our mind. No, it will not become commercial, at least not now. But we will make it even better.
We are going to:

  • Implement Multilingual support
  • Improve the performance to make it faster
  • Implement some other changes that were offered by you, e.g. the notification before destruction, and more

We believe that you will like Freeraser even more after we make these changes.

And here are some resources that helped us to gain that high recognition in such short time:

Narrow Street by Gsyka 


Portable freeware collection

“Domashny PK” magazine

Blogoinformatico with special thanks for a video 🙂

Secure and portable

Softonic and personaly Fabrizio Ferri

I would like to say it again – we are grateful to all of you!