Hosting take hostages

January 15, 2010

Hosters take hostagesWe would like to apologize for the inconvenience. Some of visitors of our website could see instead of the normal content of Codyssey this frustrating note: “Account suspended! Please contact the billing department as soon as possible on billing[at]”

This message does not mean that we did not pay for the hosting or have any debt. That means that the popularity of our website has reached the threshold, when the hosting provider (in our case – the Justhost) has a strong sense of loss of profits. When they see that the website is valuable they

It is very disappointing. Almost every hoster claims unlimited traffic, 100% uptime and lots of services included in the basic account. When your website appears to be popular or valuable, a hosting provider makes this ugly motion. They simply block an account. All the content turns a hostage of a service provider. Hosting suspends your account to force you paying much more than you did before just to release your data from their grasping hands. Does it make sense?

We do not say that Justhost are too greedy. We say that a service provider should have sent a warning note before taking restrictive actions. Suspending account without any notification does not add to their credit.

It looks like hosting of websites with low-cost hosting providers is as risky as sailing near Somali costs. You never know when they take your website hostage.


A great honor and privelege

May 21, 2009

Explore the world with fingersRecently we have received a message from James Owens, an honorable man, who has set-up the Logical Accessibility Solutions – a charity that is using Technological Innovations to augment the reality for the visually impaired and disabled. The charity is heavily involved in developing aids for the Blind and partially sighted.

“Our present project is a Tutorial or User Guide to be located on an USB stick or drive that would enable Blind and partially sighted to develop the skills required to use the computer to perform all of the tasks that are available to people with normal vision…
…will enable them to improve their lifestyle by training them in the benefits available from the use of computers.
We have looked and tested several launchers for this however to-day we tried CodySafe and we are amazed at the quality and functions available, you have created something that you must be very proud of.” –-James Owens.

We are proud to hear that our solution can help the charity to improve the lifestyle of Blind and partially sighted. It is our privilege and honor to help!
We would like to thank James Owens for his warm words and to wish the Logical Accessibility Solutions success in their hard work!

We are on Lifehacker again!

May 21, 2009

CodySafe This is the second time that Lifehacker notices our product and publishes a review. First it was the Freeraser, recommended by Jason Fitzpatrik, and tody it is another review, this time about the CodySafe posted by Azadeh Ensha.

We are happy to know that our work is appreciated by the community. That is what we are working for!

Feel free to download CodySafe, try it and post your comments to the review on the Lifehacker.

CodySafe on the PCWorld

May 21, 2009

CodySafe on the PC WorldPreston Gralla, a famous blogger and writer has posted a review in PC World.

The beauty of this approach is that you can plug your USB drive into any computer, and never actually have to store data on the computer or use the computer’s resources. With CodySafe, everything can be done from the USB drive itself.

We highly appreciate Preston’s professional review and hope that users will follow his recommendations.  

You are welcome to download CodySafe. It is free!

We Are Twitting

May 21, 2009

Codyssey on Tweeter

Dear followers!

Yes, we have registered an account on Twitter and invite all of you to follow us there.

Do not have a Twitter account yet? Feel free to register. It’s simple and takes less than a minute.

We beleive that this will help us to keep you updated, to know the latest news and to communicate with you.


March 14, 2009

BizSpark was approved for the Microsoft BizSpark program.


March 3, 2009

Dear voyagers,
Lately we have received several reports about Trojan or malware found in our application. We were really surprised because we have tested the software at our lab and many other resources like Softpedia . However, we took it seriously. We have done some investigations and found out that there are some resources other than those that we have supplied our application to. It is possible that our application was alternated and some malware code was ported to it. We will take legal measures against those who are trying to take advantage of the popularity of the Freeraser in their criminal affairs.
Dear customers, please exercise vigilance. Please download Freeraser and its updates only from trusted resources like Softpedia, Cnet, Lifehacker, and those who are mentioned in our home page.
Another less likely but still possible reason for this problem is the compression mode of the installer.  Our installation application was compiled using ZLIB compression method. Some antivirus application may identify parts of its code as a malware. To avoid these false virus identifications we have changed the compression method to LZMA. Those who are interested can find test reports here: Freeraser Portable, Freeraser Setup


We highly recommend downloading Freeraser from our website. You will allways find the latest version there

Hurray! The first bug found

February 27, 2009
Dear Freeraser users,

We have to admit that we are not perfect, we are trying, though 🙂

We were reported the bug in the version It is not critical issue, however it is a bug and we want you to know about it.
The bug appears only on Windows XP machines, so if you have Vista you will not feel it.
For those who are using Freeraser with Windows XP we would like to ask not to switch Icon size to “Extra Large”.

That is our BUG. Thanks to all who reported it

That is our BUG. Thanks to all who reported it

When switching to Extra Large size, the icon disappears from the desktop and any efforts to bring it back are useless.
You may only uninstall Freeraser and install it again.
We are sorry for inconvenience. Our team will fix this bug and the next version will not have this problem.


We would like to thank those who reported the bug and those who are sending us their thoughts and suggestions.

Development updates

February 25, 2009

Dear all!
Thank you for your comments and recommendations. We always consider them in our development.
Some of Freeraser users felt the lack of an alert, a message that is familiar to all Windows users. They asked to add this option. Following their requests we have added an annoying message, requiring approval before destruction.
Now, when you drop an item to the trash can, you get the warning. You will need to prove that the decision is yours and you are operating in full consciousness and that you are aware of the results.
For those who do not want to be disturbed by warnings we have left an option to disable alerts.Freeraser confirmation alert

We have also done some improvements to the website. The “News” section with RSS aggregation was added.
The Multilanguage support will be added soon. You are welcome to contribute, translating our software to your mother tongue.
Keep updated with the RSS feed.

Oops, we did it!

February 21, 2009

Dear all,

It is really amazing that our first freeware has gained that much attention. Thank you! Thanks to those who posted their reviews and thanks to those who ranked Freeraser, thanks to those who reported bugs and special thanks to those who wanted to contribute.
We have received lots of e-mails. Some of you offer translation of the software to local languages. When we started this project we were not planning to apply too much effort and to make it really big and commercial. But thanks to your e-mails we have changed our mind. No, it will not become commercial, at least not now. But we will make it even better.
We are going to:

  • Implement Multilingual support
  • Improve the performance to make it faster
  • Implement some other changes that were offered by you, e.g. the notification before destruction, and more

We believe that you will like Freeraser even more after we make these changes.

And here are some resources that helped us to gain that high recognition in such short time:

Narrow Street by Gsyka 


Portable freeware collection

“Domashny PK” magazine

Blogoinformatico with special thanks for a video 🙂

Secure and portable

Softonic and personaly Fabrizio Ferri

I would like to say it again – we are grateful to all of you!